Focusing On Oils

Oil is vital for life; without oils and fats our bodies would shrivel and wither, our skin flake and our moods grow dark. This site focuses on understanding these natural compounds for skin care and health.

Every seed has the capacity to make oil and carries unique properties from the parent plant. While all oils have a common structural similarity, each plant’s seed brings something special to the individual commodity.

Spicy, tangy olive oil is uniquely different from rich, flavorful, and solid coconut oil. Contrast similar oil dichotomies throughout the plant kingdom, and the range, variety, qualities, and properties possible become truly astonishing.

Join in the discussion; take our free course that lays out how the true oils are different from the aromatic essential oils. And, catch up on new oils I didn’t get a chance to include in in my book. And and let me know if you have questions! I love sharing about these oils.

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