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Plant oils pressed from seed sources as large as coconuts, to as tiny as raspberry seeds, dominate skincare in 2016. Plant oils made up of the same fatty acids produced by our own skin, provide nutritional compounds that share the same language as our skin.

Color, nutrition, texture, weight, liquid or solid, the range of properties in plant oils is vast and availability of new oils expanding.

These oils are my specialty and my love. Welcome to the wonderful world of the seed oils.

Welcome Oil Lovers

Come check out the book, the Power of the Seed, all about the fixed oils. Here’s a excerpt to get you started…

“Every seed has the capacity to make oil and carries unique properties from the parent plant. While all oils have a common structural similarity, each plant’s seed brings something special to the individual commodity. Spicy, tangy olive oil is uniquely different from rich, flavorful, and solid coconut oil. Contrast similar oil dichotomies throughout the plant kingdom, and the range, variety, qualities, and properties possible become truly astonishing.” ~an excerpt from the Introduction of Power of the Seed

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Fixed Oils Quick Reference Guide

I put together this guide to take some of the guesswork out of choosing fixed oils. I’ve broken the oils down into four main types and how to use them. Oils behave differently depending on their fatty acid structure. Click the button below to download your free copy.

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